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bumpgrrl's Journal

Here: I was completely uncreative and posted in my info from friendster (deleting already covered stuff), which i almost never use now, as it has no yaoi, as far as i can tell. ah livejournal, how you enticed me in and trapped me all thanks to onepieceyaoi.

Status: In a Relationship
Hobbies and Interests: environmental issues, feminist theology, cats, dragons, snakes, brak, buffy/angel, sleep, food, and now and here only, yaoi, and anime
Favorite Books: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, watership down, plague dogs, godbody
Favorite Movies: The Princess and the Warrior, The Princess Bride, Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favorite Music: beatles, queen, 80s, tool, they might be giants, atom and his package, ani difranco, ween, oldies, elvis, bob marley, janis joplin
Favorite TV Shows: buffy/angel, brak, trigun, one piece, naruto,
About Me: I am often very hungry, I have regular urinary and bowel
movements, I blink frequently and have an unrepressed urge
to swallow my own saliva.
Who I Want to Meet: Douglas Adams (sigh)